Game Plan

I know that I have not been good about keeping my posts coming.  I am working to change this. 

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Welcome to the FedBizCoach website.  I started this website to help companies better understand that contracting with the Federal Government can be fun, as well as a wise business strategy.  In my nearly 35 years as a Federal contractor in technical, management, and business development roles, I have seen many management styles and have observed many practices that no longer apply to the Federal practice.  The old school wants to protect their careers by insisting that their knowledge is essential to winning Federal contracts.  This is no longer true!

First of all, let me state that I am addressing business development as a corporate process, not as a job function.  I address the entire life cycle of business from identification to capture to execution and, finally, to completion or recompetition.  I wish to dispel much of the “conventional wisdom” you hear from white-haired experts and show you how to more effectively work the market.

Times are Changing – We are at the first stages of many changes in the way the Federal Government buys its products and services.  I began my career during the era of manual proposals with long and well-defined processes and have seen many changes in the way  the Feds buy.  Some of this is pressure from inside, but the greatest is pressure from the changing world outside the Government.  New technologies, the fast pace of change, threats from enemies, and increasing demands for improved services all drive these changes.  The long processes that we followed in the past no longer serve the current market.  Yes, some of the relics from the past are still there, but there are a lot of opportunities for new companies who can demonstrate innovation and creativity.

Why Coach? – I have intentionally avoided the terms “manager” and “leader”.  We need to break free of the structure where the person on top tells us what to do, how to do it, and when to it.  We have entered the collaborative environment where that team works like a well-oiled machine.  A coach interacts with the team to build the best approach to solving problems.  The coach knows what functions need to be performed, which individual members can contribute, and how to fill the gaps.  The coach also inspires (notice, I did not use “motivate”) the team to perform as a team.

Navigating FedBizCoach – I have structured this site to be fun and informative.  But, more important, it offers many ways for you to interact.

  • Coach’s Corner – This is my blog area.  You will find lots of information, including our opinions, myths from the past, book reviews, and helpful tips.
  • Water Cooler – This is your area to start a discussion, ask a question, or interact with other readers.  I will not censor any comments (except for abusive language), so feel free to say what you wish.
  • Resource Center – Over the years, I have discovered lots of helpful books websites, organizations,  gadgets and tools to help you build your Federal business.
  • Suggestion Box   I am amazed that more sites do not have suggestion boxes to get ideas or other non-public comments from their audience.  I want to hear what topics are of interest to you and what features you would like to see added to the site.
  • About FedBizCoach – Learn more about me and how to get more help directly from me.

I do hope this helps companies in some way.  Please use the Suggestion Box to let me know what you think and how I can help you or your company.

Your FedBizCoach,

Mark Samblanet