About FedBizCoach

I started FedBizCoach as an informal mentoring effort to help businesses take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Federal Government.  With nearly 35 years as a Federal contractor, I have built a broad expertise that includes technical solutions, project management, executive management, and, of course, business development.  I find that the “conventional wisdom” only serves to add mystique to the process and scare away new blood.  The Federal Government needs creative solutions from new blood.  Hopefully, my unconventional, and unorthodox, approach will help you evaluate your capabilities to take advantage of this huge market.

I was fortunate to have a mentor at the beginning of my career, when I came to DC in the late 1970’s to work on my first Federal contract.  I believe that mentoring and coaching are the keys to building a solid base upon with to find, win, and execute within the Federal market.  My progression from technical to management to business development has exposed me to all aspects of the business.  I have seen many changes and noticed how reluctant some are to adapting to the changes.  Power struggles and game playing still exist, but the Federal Government has changed, albeit somewhat slowly at times.  I have been told my strength lies in building teams, as opposed to having a “large Rolodex” (I will have several posts on this).  I am ready to show others some of the lessons I have learned over the years.

What makes me think I have something to offer?  After all, I do not have a lot of fancy certificates, degrees, or “high level” contacts.  What I do have is a history of finding opportunities that fall “under the radar” for large companies and offer smaller companies the chance to grow.  I have worked with all branches of the Federal Government.  My history of building businesses includes very small businesses (less than 10 employees) to very large businesses (such as SAIC and General Dynamics).  I do understand the Federal process and have know how to identify trends that offer significant opportunities.  But, and most important, I do not work alone – it takes a team to win!

In conclusion (I always wanted to say that), I have lead teams to large wins (up to $9 Billion), small wins that grow to large contracts, and small wins that establish a new capability.  For those of you who want to know more about me, please visit my LinkedIn or Facebook page.

Contact me by e-mail at Mark@FedBizCoach.com or go to Get Help page.

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