Resource Center

I always enjoy the resources pages of other web sites and want to provide my readers with resources that I have found useful.  I will be continuously updating my recommendations and adding new resources, so come back often.  You can also check out my What’s New post to see a list of recent additional and changes.

Visit the various pages in my resource center.  Each one contains information on resources that I have found not only make my job easier, but are a lot of fun.

  • Interesting books that have influenced me and/or reflect many of my beliefs
  • Helpful Web Sites, including Federal and industry sites that I use often
  • Fun tools that I have found to simplify the work and make it more enjoyable
  • Organizations the increase understanding of and participation with clients and partners
  • Current and past polls that cover some fun topics – with analysis of the results
  • … More to come as I build this site

Please let me know if you have suggestions, favorite resources, or comments on what I have suggested by submitting a comment below or on any of the resource center pages.  I will willingly share your suggestions and will most likely learn from them.


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