Thankful Even in These Difficult Times

Thanksgiving Day is a great time to reflect on what we have.  Even though I have passed through many difficult times, just like everyone else, I feel that I have been blessed with great fortune.  I have a wife who I met late in life and complements my lifestyle, two great sons who are also my best friends, a step-daughter who has accepted me into her life.  On top of that, both my parents are still around and doing well, my brothers and sisters have prospered, and I have not been to a family funeral for many years.  And let’s not forget my circle of friends and colleagues who have been there to help me when I was down. And you who read my articles and keep me inspired.   Yes, I am blessed.

As I look around at the mess in our political system, I realize that we still live in one of the best countries on the planet.  When we look at other countries, many have “benefits” we do not, but we seldom look at the costs incurred.  I would like to take this day to thank our Federal employees who keep the system running.  They are being bashed by the press and by Congress, but most are hard workers trying to do their best job.  Our military serve in some dreadful environments, only to come back and find they cannot earn a living.   Our elected officials, while we may questions their motives from time to time, have taken the risk and expended the energy to earn their positions.  The system is not perfect, nor are the individuals saints.  On the other hand, would you give up what we have now to go live somewhere else?

I want to take this day out to thank all the public servants who ensure that our systems run.  Let’s take this one day to thank them.  We can begin the bashing again tomorrow 🙂


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